The Arunta West Copper - Gold Project

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The main target within the Arunta West copper-gold project area features a large, 8-kilometre by 4-kilometre, ovoid co-incident magnetic and gravity anomaly known as the North Dovers prospect.

High resolution ground gravity data acquired in September 2017 and a detailed aeromagnetic survey flown in early 2018 has recently been processed to enable optimal positioning of drill holes across the North Dovers target. The geophysical anomaly features a distinct gravity high being coincident with a magnetic high at North Dovers. (See AUZ:ASX Announcement, 7 August 2018, “Norwest stepping-up pursuit of copper-gold mineralisation at its large North Dovers anomaly”)

The prospectivity of the North Dovers target was specifically recognized by the Western Australian government when they agreed to contribute up to $200,000 toward Norwest’s upcoming maiden drill programme at North Dovers via their competitive Exploration Incentive Scheme. Norwest will be the first explorers to drill at North Dovers with the work scheduled for May 2019.

A Mineral Exploration and Land Access Deed of Agreement has been executed with the Tjamu Tjamu (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC who manage the land covered by the Company’s Arunta West Copper-Gold Project. This agreement opens up the ability for the Company to conduct exploration programs (including drilling) across its 1,500 square kilometre Arunta West tenement holding.

A 2-year budget of $900,000 is proposed for Arunta West exploration work following a successful ASX listing.